NPR & Living Well & Healthy on Food Stamps


This NPR piece has been on my mind for weeks now. I first heard it at the beginning of the summer (I think).

Once school starts I’m going to do an experiment:

The rules are a little different than the $4 a day. I’m going to start with $15/day.

How does this breakdown?

There are 5 of us. I need to feed 3 meals + Snacks + Fruit + Milk/Bread.

Yes Milk & Bread are in their own category. The boys are growing like no ones business. I have to buy two gallons of milk and two+ loaves of bread every week!

Anyway: I digress.

Shopping only once a week is already going to be hard for me. I’m one of those that goes to the grocery store almost every day.

These amounts are the money for the week:

Fruit – $11.50

Breakfast – $11.50

Lunch – $35

Dinner – $35

Snacks – $11.50

Totaling $105/week.

I think I can do it!


Tax Day!

Event MenuHeard on NPR this morning about businesses giving freebies away today only -TAX DAY!

I thought, Lianna, “Why Not?”
So here ya go:

Stay at least three nights in the month of June & get a free home cooked family style meal or picnic.

Must say/write 1040 or extension in the body of your request. for reservations

Honey Do’s

How do we get the “Honey Do’s” done when the place seems to be always booked?  We use the slow months, of course!

Usually our slow months are January and February.  Well, this year has been a record breaking year of constant bookings.  Not that I’m complaining you understand but things need to get done!

Here is the long list that we need to get done in just one week’s time!

~  The ceiling of the front porch.  Oh my this one is bad.  And all of the sudden like!  How does that happen?  She will be painted a light blue.  There is a superstition(?) in the south that if you paint the ceiling of the porch blue then the wasps won’t build a nest there.  Do they think its the sky?

~  The yard in general.  We wouldn’t have done this until April anyway.  The bushes need to be thinned out.  The rose canes need to be trimmed, drastically.  That’s my Moms job!  Wish I could tag her here.  As a little reminder, ya know?

~  Backyard.  Ok, y’all are gonna want to see this when its done.  We have some art projects in mind.  Some more sitting.  Oh my!  I’ll post about it when we start.

~  Pantry/Fridge/Spices.  I go through the staples every month or so to check for freshness and quantities.  But once every 6 months or so I go through everything and reorganize, replace, replenish & clean.

Squirrel Denying Eating a Cushion

~  One thing that I did not want to deal with is the brand spanking new cushions on the front porch chairs!  Dang squirrels.  They seem to love nibbling on any and all cushions I put on those chairs.  Maybe I’ll just recovered them this time.   I do sew.

~ Last but not least – The trees.  Those sweet, sweet very old pecan trees.  This may take a little longer.  We have to wait for spring to see what has lived and what do we have to take out.  The Texas drought has done a number on these beautiful trees.  It makes us so sad.  But you never know!  Maybe we have saved a couple.

Be on the lookout for all of these projects and more!

Flash Sale for Your Upcoming Stay in Austin, TX

Austin, TX Vacation Rental Home
Flash Sale!
The Old Girl needs to be repainted. So I’m having a FLASH SALE through the end of April to help fund this project.

Pick one of two deals:
~ 20% off your entire stay.
~ Stay 2 nights at the normal rate – Get the 3rd night FREE

*Must stay during the months of February, March, and April. 2 continuous night minimum stay on both offers. Taxes and Cleaning are still extra.*

Old Neighbors – Older House *A Story*

Our Short Term Rental is in the very historic Hyde Park neighborhood of Austin, TX.  She is a 1927 typical bungalow.

Big front porch, two bedrooms, one bath, claw foot tub, hardwood floors, glass doorknobs – you get the idea.

She has been remodeled twice over her lifetime.  The first was done by a single mom of one son.

The second was completed by the Amazon family (yes, that is their real last name).

The Amazons did a major remodel.  Tearing down walls, adding a bathroom, taking in the back porch to expand the kitchen.  They did a beautiful job and I’m proud to be the reciprocal owner of their hard work.

My story really starts with Sherri.  The single mom.  She now lives in LA and her son (now 27) lives in New York.  Every year they meet some place in the middle of the country for a mother/son reunion.

A couple of years ago they decided to come back to Austin.  Searching through the listings on HomeAway she came across her old house!  The B Hive

She booked the house explaining who she was, etc.  During their visit she invited me over to have a glass of wine and take a tour of the house.

It was fascinating!  And a little sad.

As they took me through the house they explained what they and the Amazons had done.  They were sad that some of their hard work had been destroyed.  Made over.  Changed.

“Why did they set the kitchen up like this?”
“There used to be wall right here.”  (Separating the dining room from the living room)
“They took out the back porch!”
“It’s nice they added a bathroom.  *Son* would have liked to not share with his mom.”

Then *Son* took me to the backyard.  “My dad and I built a skateboard 1/2 pipe out here.  See you can still see the supports we nailed into the tree.”  Suddenly I added up his age and realized that when they built that ramp my little family lived in the house across the alley from them.  My husband actually would watch them build this 1/2 pipe and wish he could skate it.  (He was afraid to ask.  Thinking the dad would think he was a creepy old dude.)

Then the stories started flowing.  We had been neighbors!  We had talked across the fence.  I had petted and played with her old dog.

Everyone got a little teary as I left that day.  We hugged and promised to keep in touch.

The day after they left I went to the house.  In the now defunct telephone niche’ was a framed picture of her and her son on Halloween on the front steps of the house.  The son was around 8 years old.

I have proudly displayed that photo in the niche ever since.